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Image by Donald Giannatti



Hi, I'm Katy. I was born and raised in the heart of the countryside in England. I moved to the USA to study and have an adventure, which it sure has been.

I am a trained counselor (in England) specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Creative Art Therapy. In 2018, I added Family Life Coach training to my repertoire and founded Aspen Family Wellness Center. In 2021, I received the diagnosis of Endometrial Cancer and decided to apply for graduate school to study Marriage and Family Therapy. 

At the core, I am a fun-loving English country bumpkin who loves family and the country life. You could say I am a cowgirl dreamer who believes in strong family principles, intentional living, values, and hard work. Each of which is at the heart of Aspen.


"When you work with Katy, you can expert a coach who has a wonderful balance of encouragement and boldness with a fun-loving English accent." - NiKole

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