Staying Connected to Family During Coronavirus

Over the last few months, our lives have changed drastically. To help slow the spread of infection we have been asked to social distance and avoid physical interactions with those around us, including our families.

Now more than ever though it is important to stay connected with others. As a family, it is important to show each other that we are there to support each other, even though we might not be able to do this in person. We can still support and reach out to each other through phone calls, video chats, text messages, or social media.

As a family before this happened one of our family’ s favorite ways to stay connected was to get together for Sunday dinners. We would visit, play games, and laugh as the cousins played and chased each other around the house or yard.

Even though we cannot get together as a large group right now we can still use technology to connect with each other and have fun.

There are many internet platforms and apps to help us stay connected right now. Here are some fun ways we have seen that you and your family can use to have fun together and stay connected.

1. Color Photo Challenge. Challenge your family members to see who can be the most creative. Go through your house and your wardrobe and find anything of a specific color. Then take fun family photos and see who can use the most colors and be the most creative. #covidcolorchallenge

  • Another alternative photo challenge is to see who can do the best job in recreating family pictures from your childhood.

  • You can also see which family members can do the best job recreating works of art using only items found in the home.

  • Think outside the box and see what fun family photos you can create.

2. Online Games. There are several apps like Trivia Crack or online platforms like Facebook, that allow you to play games as a family no matter where you are in the world. One of our family’s favorites is Regardless of where our family is, we can all log-in and play games together.

3. Story Reading. For my parents, one thing that has been difficult during this time is not seeing their grandkids. One thing that grandparents can do is to read their grandkid's favorite storybooks to them.

  • If you are in different time zones or unable to read to them live through video chat, make a recording to send to your grandkids to surprise them.

4. Lip Sync Music Videos. What are your family’s favorite songs? Choose a song and have everyone work together to create a music video. Then post online for people to vote on whose video is the best.

5. Family History. Right now, is a great time to visit and learn more about each other. As you talk online with each other think of some questions you can ask parents about their childhood or about their parents. Include younger children so they can learn more about their families and develop a deeper appreciation for their roots and where they came from.

There are many ways to use social media and technology to have fun while staying connected. Doing any of these activities is a great way to have fun while passing the time until you can get together again.

Most importantly find the platform that works for you and your family and then focus on the positive as you strive to stay connected.

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