Finding Joy in the Journey

Last week I watched a movie called Miracles from Heaven. This movie is about a little girl who is very ill but falls from a tree and it heals her. Pretty miraculous right? Toward the end of the movie, the mother was speaking to her religious congregation. She said that while waiting for this big miracle of her being healed they missed out on all the smaller miracles along the way. This movie touched my heart for many different reasons, but this statement stood out to me. How many times have I waited for the end result and missed the entire journey?

If you are anything like me you are working towards many different things in your life. For me, I have been working on getting my Bachelor’s degree for three years. It has been a journey full of struggles, however, there has been a lot of joy too. For much of my experience in college, I have been so focused on just being done that I have missed out on the in-between. I would become so wrapped up in the vision of my future life that I couldn’t celebrate where I was in the process. I am not saying it isn’t ok to be excited about the future because it is, but don’t forget about the here and now because it’s important too.

I love to hike, last year we lived in Hawaii and there are some amazing hikes that took you to some breathtaking views. I remember sometimes being so focused on finding a waterfall at the end of our hike that I would be disappointed when there wasn’t one. I didn’t see the flowers, animals, and views because a hike wasn’t a hike unless there was a waterfall. Since we have moved to Texas there aren’t many waterfalls to find at the end of hikes. So, instead of hiking to find a big reward in the end, I look around and appreciate the journey and celebrate all the beautiful things I find along the way.

One way to help you accept and love where you are is to find a balance between reaching those goals and enjoying the process along the way. If you set a goal to run your own photography business, embrace the process of learning and growing while you build your business. These experiences, while you strive to reach those goals, are valuable to developing the person that you are and will become. So, remember to set those goals, aim high, but don’t forget to recognize and value all the victories along the way.

Another important thing to help you on your journey is to find something to be grateful for each day. Even though life can be challenging if you look around there is something to be grateful for. I am trying to teach my children this as they grow because they will always face something that will challenge them. Yet, if they can look through the challenges and find something to be grateful for they will learn to celebrate the journey instead of just the destination.

Here at Aspen Family Wellness Center, we love to celebrate. We talk about celebrations every Saturday on our social media pages. Aspen FWC is also committed to helping people in all aspects of their lives through coaching. If you feel like you can benefit from working with a coach Aspen FWC has a coach to help you reach your goals and find joy in the journey.

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