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When you enroll in the life coaching fundamentals course, you will receive membership access for one year after graduation. As educators and active coaches, we know firsthand how important it is to be a part of a community to receive support and valuable feedback on our skills. Members meet on the first and third Mondays of the month for extra training, supervision, and skill practice at 3 PM Mountain Time. To enroll in the member zone without joining a course, please click below.

Coaches Connection Member Zone

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For the Gateway Training Center, helping people gain new skills and knowledge is a commitment and passion. Each of us has a gift, and right now, it is needed more than ever. If you have felt the call to work with and serve others through coaching, then it is time to act.  As we continue to embrace and adapt to today's world, there comes the need to evaluate how we meet the need for mental and emotional wellness. People are reverting to old habits as a coping mechanism, feeling stuck inside automatic negative beliefs, and experiencing wavering hope.  Someone needs what you have to offer as a coach, so you can remind them, "I see something in you."


On the other side of this, many are deciding now is the time to re-evaluate values and priorities. People want to find meaning in their lives more so than ever. I hear daily that people are starting new ventures and want to work on their mindset, relationships, and career aspirations. Are you ready to rise to the call?


The coaching fundamentals program is designed to teach you foundation skills and coaching concepts in the following areas:

  • Screening and Orientation in Coaching

  • Fundamental Coaching Skills

  • Assessments in Coaching

  • Coaching Approaches for Individuals

  • Coaching Approaches for Business and Organizations

  • Ethical and Professional Practice in Coaching


The course is accredited by the Center for Credentialing and Education. You can apply to take the Board Certified Coach exam to become certified after you have completed the course and meet all of the BCC training/hours requirements.

The program is a 14-week, 120-hour course that includes instruction via weekly readings, videos, and audio recordings, where you will learn tools and techniques to help you become a successful coach in your own life and in the lives of those you work with. You can look forward to a combination of readings, assignments, demonstrations, teaching moments, and coaching practice. Coaches will meet each Thursday morning via Zoom to practice the skills of the week. Each student is required to gain ten hours of coaching experience to develop skills and maximize feedback opportunities during our time together. The program's design is similar to a university course. Please come ready to learn, apply, and embark on a new and challenging adventure.


Online Edition Coming 2024

Family Life Coaching (FLC) is a new and thriving profession within the coaching industry. Our program aims to create a community of life coaches with training built upon coaching psychology, family science, research, and ethical standards.


This program is currently a three-day intensive course taught periodically throughout the year. Each day has a different focus. 

  • Day 1 - Dynamics of working with multiple people ​​

  • Day 2 - Relationship and marriage coaching

  • Day 3 - Parent coaching 

According to the Family Life Coaching Association, “Family Life Coaching is a process where a client and a trained coach work together to achieve client identified family goals. The process is collaborative and client-directed, working from a strengths-based perspective. Family Life Coaches utilize research-based coaching strategies and techniques to encourage and support the competence and achievement of client-identified goals. Coaches build respectful, trusting relationships with parents, children, and/or families to facilitate positive growth in family life, enabling families to maximize their strengths and potential.”

Katy and her team embody a rare combination of brilliance, passion, and kindness. As a student, you will feel this throughout her instruction as well as the lab practice sessions. The Fundamental training course simultaneously prepares you to coach others while delivering a deep level of personal development. The curriculum is research-backed, aligned with accreditation standards, and well-balanced providing you with the necessary amount of direct instruction and meaningful practice opportunities. It is a pleasure going through the course due to her positivity, kind tone, clear learning objectives, and authentic demonstrations. I go back and watch the lessons several times because I learn something new every time. The course is invaluable for both beginners and those who may have foundational coaching knowledge. You can expect to learn core coaching skills in addition to advanced techniques and frameworks. There are even business building modules that help lay a solid foundation for you to get started. The entire Gateway team are true pioneers in this critical work, and I couldn’t recommend this course more highly. It offers outstanding quality at a reasonable price point. If you are thinking about becoming a life or family life coach, take this course. If you are unsure about your career path, take this course for your well-being to make a positive difference in your relationships, personal fulfillment, career, and life. Katy’s deep knowledge and genuine care for her students are what sets her apart from others in this field. I’m proud to be a graduate of Gateway!

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Ali Tepper | Graduated 2020


Taking both coaching courses has opened a whole new world for me. Every course is scientific and research-based. In these courses, I learned a wide variety of methods and theories, which has provided a rich foundation and toolbox to draw from in my coaching practice. Katy Rushton has a deep passion for teaching, supporting, and helping take her students to a whole new level. Katy is a gifted professional who is warm, involved, and extremely knowledgeable. Through these courses, I had opportunities to coach and work with real clients, making all the difference because it helped to develop my coaching skills and style. Whether I am working in my profession as a life coach or interacting in my daily life, I use the skills and techniques I have learned from these courses every day.

Cindy Castleton | Graduated 2020/2021

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