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Within family life, I work as a relationship/marriage coach. Due to my background and training as a counselor, educator, and coach, my approach is one of a kind. I blend multiple theories and concepts to take a holistic approach to change.


As your coach, I will help you identify both individual and couple goals to enhance your relationship and connection. Together, we work through the narrative and meaning you each attach to behavior and how you communicate together. 


My signature coaching program is based on helping women switch the narrative. As we work together, we do this by letting go of old beliefs signed by others and write your story based on living an intentional and authentic life, creating the life you author!

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

"When you work with Katy, you can expert a coach who has a wonderful balance of encouragement and boldness with a fun-loving English accent." - NiKole

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Hi, I'm Katy, born and raised in the heart of the countryside in England. I moved to the USA to study and have an adventure, which it sure has been. From getting married to Fred, graduating with a bachelor's in Marriage and Family Studies, to becoming an adjunct teacher at BYU-Idaho, and heading forward with a new Masters's degree. 

I am a trained counselor (in England) specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Creative Art Therapy. In 2017/18, I added Family Life Coach training to my repertoire and founded Aspen Family Wellness Center. 

At the core, I am a fun-loving, English country bumpkin who loves strawberries, horses, and my family. You could say I am a cowgirl dreamer who believes in strong family principles, intentional living, values, and hard work. Each of which are at the heart of Aspen.



Katy has assisted me in learning that my love, trust, and forgiveness are within my heart, and it has always been there. Once I was open to that, I started loving, trusting, and forgiving all those around me. While Katy and I had our coaching sessions, it felt like I was talking with a dear friend I have known my whole life rather than just recently meeting. The coaching sessions were very peaceful, not rushed, and were focused on what I felt was most important for us to discuss. In the midst of a coaching session, Katy was very intuitive to know what tools to use to work through difficult beliefs that I felt were defining me. In reality, Katy opened my heart to realize those beliefs were limiting and what is within me is infinite. I love Katy for what she has assisted me with understanding about myself and the beauty I have within me again that has always been there.

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

Address P.O Box 192, Rigby, ID 83442

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