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Helping men go from complacency to confidence by creating habits for success. As an engineer turned life coach, I have created a life design process based on engineering concepts. 


By working together, you will be able to maximize your efforts to create routines that you are fully committed and connected to. To achieve this, we work on the following areas: 


The courses are designed to enhance your experience with successful change. Either start your path here, complete them simultaneously with coaching, or after, to perpetuate your growth. You can purchase them separately or as part of a coaching package.

Image by Anastasia Taioglou
Image by Anastasia Taioglou



I am a small-town country boy from Montana. I love everything to do with the outdoors, whether it is camping, skiing, boating, hiking, or hunting! My background is about as far as you could imagine from the coaching world. I set out for college to be a Mechanical Engineer. I have always loved building and creating things, so learning about the physical world and machinery was the perfect next step for me. It was my dream to be on the cutting edge of technological advancement.


When I met Katy and heard her talk about her fascination with the mind, I started seeing how closely the worlds of “things” and “people” are connected. In fact, there are parallels everywhere. Throughout discovering coaching and developing Aspen FWC, I realized that I was suddenly on the cutting edge of a world I never imagined, AND I LOVE IT! This bridge between the two worlds is now my passion. In all reality, there is only one world governed by one set of laws and principles. This is what drives me as a coach. We are each the engineer of our own life, so let’s optimize the design together!



Do you know your life purpose? This is an exploratory course aimed at helping you gain a greater understanding of your own life purpose and personal values. This will lead to the opportunity to set meaningful goals and really design your life intentionally, based on what you learn about yourself.


This course takes Life Design a step further by digging into the details of day-to-day life. The focus is on creating healthy habits that will set you up for success. Along the way, you will set standards for yourself that will be your parameters for growth. 


The final level of Life Design involves greater self-exploration. This course will guide you through managing stressors, responsibilities, obstacles, and emotions in your life. You will also look at mindset and boundaries to help solidify the personal legacy you are creating.



To give you an idea of what to expect when working with me and the course style, please watch the video to the left. I truly believe what we focus on matters. As you let go of what is outside of your control, it opens up space to focus on you, and in areas in your life, you can make a greater impact.

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

"Fred is patient and asks thought-provoking questions. After each session, I left with a solid action plan." - Anon

Address P.O Box 192, Rigby, ID 83442

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