"When you work with Katy, you can expect a coach who has a wonderful balance of encouragement and boldness with a fun-loving English accent." - NiKole


Systems Theory is built on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts and creates the foundation of Katy's coaching approach to working with families, couples. and individuals. We live in many systems from our family to society. By using assessments you will learn more about the patterns and themes that are present in your life which influence the scripts you live by, thus creating your story.





A twelve-week coaching program consisting of six weekly sessions where you will be guided through an exploration of the system, script, and story that make up your current state of being. This will be followed by four weeks of unguided self-development with two additional weekly sessions to wrap up your experience. This program is designed to help you create a new state of being of your own making.

Coaching Programs

A freestyle coaching approach that is not limited to a time frame. You choose the frequency of coaching sessions as well as when to complete the program. The goal and scope of this program are determined by you. Your goals, desires, and aspirations will be the focus. The coaching approach will be based on the Whole Fit: Wellness for Life program.

*Addition coaching programs, Heritage and Legacy, are available as continuations of these programs. More information is available upon request.

Steve, Utah

Katy has assisted me in learning that my love, trust, and forgiveness for myself is within my heart and it has always been there. Once I was open to that, I was able to start loving, trusting, and forgiving all those around me. While Katy and I had our coaching sessions, it felt like I was talking with a dear friend of mine I have known my whole life rather than just recently meeting. The coaching sessions were very peaceful, not rushed, and were focused on what I felt was most important for Katy and I to discuss. In the midst of a coaching session, Katy was very intuitive to know what tools to use to work through difficult beliefs that I felt were defining me. In reality, Katy opened my heart to realize those beliefs were limiting and what is within me is infinite. I love Katy for what she has assisted me with understanding about myself and the beauty I have within me again that has always been there.

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