"What do you love doing so much that you lose yourself in it?" 

"What needs do you see in the world around you?" 

The famous poem by Fredrick Buechner called 'Vocation' inspired us with the following thought-


"The place God calls you to is the place where

your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet."

The combination of advocating for the family and marriage, and providing educational programs, create our vocation. Aspen Family Wellness Center is the vehicle to achieving our vision by providing education, coaching, and counselling. Our aim is to promote healthy family relationships, and help achieve family centered goals. 

Hi, I'm Katy, born and raised in the heart of the countryside in England. Having lived in the USA since 2014, I have graduated with my Bachelors degree in Marriage and Family Studies. Now my passion is developing our business and the services we offer. I am excited to announce that I will be teaching part time as an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University-Idaho this Spring. 


I am really just a fun-loving, English country bumpkin who loves strawberries, horses, and my family. You could say I am a cowgirl dreamer who believes in strong family principles, intentional living, values, and hard work. Each of which are at the heart of Aspen. 

I am a small-town country boy from Montana. I love everything to do with the outdoors, whether it be camping, skiing, boating, hiking, or hunting! My background is about as far as you could imagine from the coaching world. I set out for college to be a Mechanical Engineer. I have always loved to build and create things, so learning about the physical world and machinery was the perfect next step for me. It was my dream to be on the cutting edge of technological advancement.


When I met Katy and heard her talk about her fascination with the mind, I started seeing how closely the worlds of “things” and “people” are connected. In fact, there are parallels everywhere. Throughout the process of discovering coaching and developing Aspen FWC, I realized that I was suddenly on the cutting edge of a world I never imagined, AND I LOVE IT! This bridge between the two worlds is now my passion. In all reality, there is only one world governed by one set of laws and principles. This is what drives me as a coach. We are each the engineer of our own life, so let’s optimize the design together!


1. Serve others 

2. Create a community 

3. Professionalism 

4. Growth mindset 

5. Research-based education 

6. Innovation and Creativity 

7. Openness and Communication 

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